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Video showing M18-2 clip from Brian Iles's film of his return flight from RAF Jever to Bulawayo, Africa in his Miles M-18 light aircraft on Tuesday 20th July 1954.   This clip shows them on their 30 minute flight passing docks, presumably on the way into Bremen Airport.   After a 2 hr 50 min flight from Bremen to Nurnberg airport for a night stop, Sandy is seen preparing the maps for the next leg of the journey over the Alps on Wednesday 21Jul54.   They had to call in to Munich Airport, a 1 hour flight to top up and obtain border clearances.   The rest of the clip shows some stunning shots of the cloudy Alps and eventually shows them flying past lakes, churches and villages in Northern Italy, before landing at Florence after a 3 hr 35 min flight.

There is no sound with this clip.   This clip runs for 1 min 50 secs and takes approximately the following time to download during the first viewing at the following sample download rates:
56 Kbps (Typical dial-up telephone connection to the Internet): 20 mins 25 secs;
512 Kbps (ADSL connection): 2 mins 14 secs;
1 Mbps (ADSL connection): 1 min 7 secs;
2 Mbps (ADSL connection): 34 sec.

(Thanks to Toby Iles for original film.)
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