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93 Sqn Air and Groundcrew 9Nov55.
Back Row: Dave Norman, Unknown, Brian Thornton, Chamberlain, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown,
Pedro Newton, Unknown, Unknowen, Unknown, Unlnown and Tony Parry.
5h Row: Unknown, Unlnown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Bob Brockbank, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Geordie Chapman, Johnnie Dean and Unknown.
4th Row: (Intersperesed with 3rd row) all unknown.
3rd Row: Sgt Hart standing, Cpl Brian Idle, Sgt Maxted, Cpl Pete (Ginger) Mitchell, Unknown,
Cpl Fred Harrop, Cpl Reg Bridgman, Cpl Nobby Clark, Sgt Rowbotham, Unnown, Unknown,
Cpl Frank Kirk, Cpl Tech Bob Whitecross, Cpl Bill Kidd (part hidden) and Sgt. Chas Bellamy.
2nd Row: George Hickman, Bernie Revnell, Brain (Sandy) Sanderson, Flt Sgt Smith, i/c Groundcrew, B Flt Cdr Al Colvin, Sqn Boss Sqn Ldr Des Browne, A Flt Cdr Ralf Hayes, Flt Sgt Shruby Shrubsole,
Tinker Bell, Jeff Couch, Tommy Balfour
Front: Brian (Black) Dunbar, Don Exley, Pete (Lulu) Leigh-Lancaster, Eric Pigdon,
Richard (Clam) Clayton-Jones, Bill Ritchie, Gerry Busby, Dave Chadwick, Podge Page, John Davis
Roy (Garth) Garthwaite   [Also with 93 Sqn F540 Nov55]   (Thanks Eric Pigdon)
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