# 4 Squadron Video CS8 Chris Stone's Film of Peter Martin's Wedding - 15Apr62
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Video CS-08 clip from Chris Stone's video taken at Peter Martin's Wedding in April 1962.   It opens with the guests waiting for the bride and groom outside the hotel where they held the reception.   On the right it looks like John Farley talking to Bob Holiday and on the left of them can be seen Tony Boyle.
Al Pollock is then seen defacing the car windscreen with the words "BOMBER COMMAND".  There are further shots of the guests, then the poor chauffeur is seen trying to remove Al's handiwork from his windscreen!   After more views of guests on the steps of the hotel there is then a shot of Peter Martin's sports car parked further down the drive.   After it is driven up to the the reception, Peter in his grey "going away" suit, is seen trying to load his case and bride into the car before too much havoc is wrought on it by the guests.   Al Pollock is hard at work labelling the windscreem "Just Married".   Peter is then seen trying to load their suitcase with some considerable interference.   The bride is then carried to the car and they finally drive off with the usual extras in tow.   Various guests are then seen trying to leave from the reception in their cars.

There is no sound with this clip.   This clip runs for 2 mins 22 secs and takes approximately the following time to download during the first viewing at the following sample download rates:
56 Kbps (Typical dial-up telephone connection to the Internet): 37 mins 30 secs;
512 Kbps (ADSL connection): 4 mins 6 secs;
1 Mbps (ADSL connection): 2 mins 3 secs;
2 Mbps (ADSL connection): 1 min 2 secs.
40 Mbps (ADSL connection): 3 secs.

(Thanks to Chris Stone.)
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