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F540 Operations Record Book February 1953 NO 4 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2590 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71

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R.A.F. JEVER 1.4.53.        The weather being pretty poor, only two sorties were flown in the morning.   However
the gods relented and a number of sorties were flown in the relatively good weather of
the afternoon.
                        Vampire Sorties  16 - 12.35 Hrs.
  2.4.53.   Squadron training was carried out in the morning- including a snake climb and descent of
a fluid six- which impressed upon people the need for really accurate flying if the
snake is to be successful, and since Easter break started at lunch-time, and since at that
time the bar was opened the rest of the days activities were rather hazy.
                       Vampire Sorties  10 - 8.35Hrs.
  3.4.53.   Over Easter we and 93 supplied two aircraft each on Battle Flight.
                       Vampire Sorties  2 - 1.15Hrs.
  4.4.53.   Battle Flight carried out P.I.s 2x2, and were scrambled on one occasion to investigate
an unidentified aircraft, which turned out to be a D.C.4.
                       Vampire Sorties  6 - 3.50Hrs.
  5.4.53.   A few P.I.s were carried out by Battle Flight.
                       Vampire Sorties  6 - 5.20Hrs.
  6.4.53.   More P.I.s by Battle Flight.
                        Vampire Sorties  3 - 1.55Hrs.
  7.4.53.   Back to normal squadron duties after an Easter which was by all reports, a little
hectic.   The flying was mainly devoted to rocketing practice for the people who are
taking part in tomorrow's display at Gutersloh.
                    Vampire Sorties  10 - 6.45Hrs.
  8.4.53.   Every available aircraft today went down to Gutersloh to take part in the fly-past
for the C.A.S.   Practices of the fly-past and rocket demonstration took place in the
                  Vampire Sorties  21 - 12.0Hrs.
  9.4.53.   The squadron is justifiably proud of its members who took part in the rocketing as
they were the only people who hit the target" It was nothing".
In all, the display and fly-past went quite well.
                 Vampire Sorties  28 - 15.25Hrs.
  10.4.53.   'A' Flight were due to leave for Treviso in the morning, but it was postponed until the
morrow because of bad weather.
          The serviceable aircraft on 'B' Flight - two in all - went to Battle Flight, which
made a cucumber? of rocket strikes on Meppen Range.
                           Vampire Sorties  12 - 7.40Hrs.
  11.4.53.   The weather today being suitable 'A' Flight were able to take off for Treviso, where
they are going to be involved in the exercise.   "Betfor Trust".   The report on this
exercise will be written separately and attached at the end of the month.
  13.4.53.   The Squadron strength , at Jever, is five pilots and with three serviceable
aircraft.   The rest of the aircraft are either on inspection for having the fuel system
flushed or A.S.F.   This later operation is connected with the fact that a number of
barostats have stuck, giving a maximum of 7,500 r.p.m.
          A few cine sorties were flown, and a helping hand extended to 93 Squadron's Battle
                       Vampire Sorties  7 - 5.15Hrs.
  14.4.53.   Two pilots returned from leave, P/O Sanders and P/O Clayton.   The third member, P/O
, who was also due back, appears to be having a little trouble with his car,
which went U/S at Breda in Holland.   Eventually he arrived at Jever in the dead of night.
          We still only have three aircraft - one if which on Battle Flight, whilst the
remaining two were used for individual trips.
                     Vampire Sorties  5 - 5.40Hrs.
                        Meteor Sorties  1 -   .30Hrs.
  15.4.53.        Two pilots proceeded on leave - Flt.Lt. Collins and P/O Phillips - squadron strength
at R.A.F. Jever now 6 pilots.
         Battle Flight Claimed two pilots and aircraft to take part in Exercise, "April
Showers" - American F.84s and B.45s operating over British Zone.   Apparently, it was
hardly a success as far as Jever's Battle Flight was concerned -the targets very rarely
                        Vampire Sorties  2 - 2.05Hrs.
                           Meteor Sorties  1 - 1.00Hrs.
  16.4.53.        The first sorties today were by request of the Army.   A heavy A.A. Battery required two
aircraft to fly over Alhorn at 15,000' and 340 knots T.A.S., presumably to exercise their
radar unit, as there was 8/8 cloud coverage.   So all the runs over the target had to be
carried out with the aid of the Group Fixer.   All clever stuff.
          The rest of the days flying was devoted to R/P firing at Meppen Range.   On returning
from the range on one occasion, F/O Beaton had a barostat failure, giving him a maximum
r.p.m. of 7,000.   This despite the fact that the fuel system had been flushed.   So that
obviously, is not the answer.
                    Vampire Sorties  14 - 10.10Hrs.
  17.4.53.             Another day of R/P firing on Meppen Range, although its 93 squadron's day, strictly
speaking.   However, we are sharing it with them as they have not enough serviceable
aircraft to run a full programme.
          A not uncommon trouble just recently
         In the early evening , 'A' Flight returned from Treviso, where apparently they had
had a very interesting time - both on - duty and off duty .   How long will that sun-tan
last under Jever skies
                       Vampire Sorties24 - 24.55Hrs.
                       Meteor    Sorties  1 -      .50Hrs.
  18.4.53.   Station Commanders parade this morning was followed by a period of drill, which, it
must be admitted, is definitely necessary, especially for the Flying Squadrons.
         Only two sorties were flown today, one of them being in connection with homer
calibration.   The homer has been U/S for a couple of days, but fortunately we have
one of the fixer D/F stations here at Jever, which has been used on bearing and Q.D.M.
         Two new pilots joined the Squadron today.   P/Os Wade and Withington.   Unfortunately,
being N.S. Officers, their stay with us will be short.
                                   Vampire Sorties 2 - 1.25Hrs.
                                   Meteor    Sorties 1 -    .50Hrs.
  20.4.53.   Most of the serviceable aircraft were on Battle Flight, and the other one came on later,
after F/O Moldens aircraft had a barostat failure shortly after take-off.
                                     Vampire Sorties20 - 14.00Hrs.
                                      Meteor    Sorties  3 -   2.30Hrs.
  21.4.53.   The aircraft situation is very much the sane as yesterday - all being taken by the
Battle Flight.   Weather conditions are perfect - 8/8 blue and visibility unlimited.
                                   Vampire Sorties 18 - 13.50Hrs.
                                   Meteor    Sorties   3 - 2.30Hrs.
  22.4.53.   The only other sorties besides Battle Flight, were two flown for the benefit of the
Army, who apparently, are still gathering information regarding the effectiveness of
radar as an early warning system against low - flt attack aircraft.
                                      Vampire Sorties 10 - 9.15Hrs.
                                      Meteor    Sorties   1 -    .50Hrs.
  23.4.53.   After a morning of interceptions, and a patrol in the hope of catching some F.84s, the
Battle Flight were stood down.   This in order that the squadron might get in some
R/P practice on Meppen Range.   Usually, the weather is shocking on our allocated days
but this was definitely exceptional.   Extremely good.
                            Vampire Sorties 27        21.25Hrs.
  24.4.53.   Apart from the Battle Flight, the remainder of today's sorties were devoted to Cine
attacks, in preparation for the coming Sylt detachment.   The Squadron P.A.I. ,
F/O Ewens, is now beginning to justify his existence.
                                   Vampire Sorties 25     17.40Hrs
                                   Meteor    Sorties   1      1.00Hrs
  25.4.53.   R.A.F. Station Jever was honoured by the visit of Marshal of the Royal Air Force
Lord Tedder.   A very short visit, but one which was much appreciated by all.   He
endeared himself by his friendliness and his enthusiasm regarding our hopes of Sabres
in the near future - am enthusiasm which equalled that of the pilots themselves.
                                Vampire  4 Sorties    2.20Hrs
  27.4.53.   At last we are able to start preparing seriously for our Sylt detachment.   Nearly
all the sorties were devoted to parallel quarter attacks, using 'cine' cameras.   It
is absolutely essential that we have masses of 'cine' practises if we are going to
turn in decent scores when firing air-to-air.   So, for the next three weeks, the main
effort of the squadron will be devoted to 'cine' sorties.
                                   Vampire Sorties 26     17.25rs
                                   Meteor    Sorties   1       1.00Hrs
  28.4.53.   As yesterday - 'cine' and more 'cine'.   With the odd aerobatic sortie
when there is a spare aircraft.   Amazing, but the weather gods are being kind to us,
at the moment.
                           Vampire Sorties  32     -      24.40 Hrs
  29.4.53.   The cloud base at Meppen Range was too low for R/P firing in the early morning, so it
was decided to carry out air-to-ground.   Considering that the cannons have been
fired hardly at all since leaving Sylt in July last year, stoppage rate was quite
     Later in the morning, cloud conditions improved, and R/P were fired, using the fixed
cross.   The results were quite good, and will no doubt improve with more fixed cross
                     Vampire Sorties  21      14.15 Hrs
  30.4.53.   A huge cine programme was combined with extremely good weather conditions - despite
the dreadfully pessimistic warning by the weather prophet - "we'll have a front here by
     Unfortunately, the said programme had to be curtailed in the early afternoon - we
have too many hours,
          A number of night sorties were flown to Wunstorf, where G.C.A. practices were
carried out, and by the time the pilots returned, it was too late to carry out the
original intention of visiting Wilhelmshaven.
                     Vampire Sorties 26     19.50Hrs.
                     Meteor    Sorties   1          .40Hrs.
                     Despite the break from routine training at Easter, and the grounding of Vampires
due to the spate of barostat failures, the squadron total flying hours were again above
the monthly target.   This can be attributed to the fine flying weather which we have
had, and the 'A' Flight Detachment to Treviso in connection with exercise "Betfor Trust".
          However, toward the end of the month, with complete squadron at Jever, and the
rigorous duties of Battle Flight behind us, we were able to concentrate on preparation for
the coming Sylt detachment.   Cine' practices are invaluable in shaking away the cobwebs
which have accumulated in the long time since our last air-to-air firing exercises.
         With the coming of the summer months, it is hoped that we will be able to report
an excess of hours over the target in every summary.
                                Total Vampire Sorties  466  -  344.40 Hrs (Day)
                                Total Vampire Sorties    10  -       7.10 Hrs (Night)
                                Total Meteor    Sorties    16  -    12.40 Hrs.
                                Grand Total    16  -                     363.90
                                  Compiled by..AESanders.F/O  Authorised By..PGKWilliamson....SQN.LDR.
                                                         (AESanders)                                 (PGKWilliamson)
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