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Enjoying a celebration lunch on the day No 4 Sqn received its Standard from Sir John Slessor - 20Nov53.   Nearest the camera with cigarette: Fg Off Mike Gee, Accounts Officer; On other side of the table R to L: Jimmy Devan and his wife Jean, then Eric Bowen with his wife, Unknown Lady, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Al Paterson.   On the next table over starting above Jimmy Devan's head
R to L: Flt Lt Wright Accounts, Ken Senar 93 looking left, Johnny Macknish 93
Dave Harper 93, Black Hannah 93 hands together, Bill Mitchell 93 gritting his teeth, Unknown facing camera, Geoff Couch 93 head slightly back.
Opposite side of that table, R to L starting above Ken Senar's head: Al Ramsay, 93 Sandy Sanderson 93, Al Ramsay's wife, John Wallace 93 & 4, his wife out of sight.   (Click to see for another shot from a different position.)
(Thanks to Eric Bowen, Bill Maish and for names Ken Senar, Eric Pigdon and Philip Westwell.)
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