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118 Sqn Song from 1941:
Goes as follows to the tune of "Its foolish but its fun":

P/O McKenzie fired his guns one day
While taxying into a bay.
What did the Wing Commander say
Its foolish but its fun.

When landing you must make a bid
For runways not a shelter kid
Though that's what Mr Robson did.
Its foolish but its fun.

When near the drome please understand
You lower your undercarriage bland
For if you don't & still you land
Its foolish but its fun.

Verse: We're the lads of 118 and fly around the sky
Some have not got a jerry yet but hope to 'ere they die.

Jones off to Weston Super Mare
Got lost while on the way there,
& dropped the adj just anywhere.
Its foolish but its fun.
(Thanks to Cymon Birtles.)
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