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F540 Operations Record Book October 1952 NO 112 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2588 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                                                                                               SECRET. References to Appendices
R.A.F. Jever 1/10/52             To-day being a sports afternoon, the squadron flew only in the morning, and
occupied the time with snake climbs and high level battle formation in preparation
for the forthcoming exercises..
  2/10/52             Low level battle formation practices and controlled descents through cloud.  
  3/10/52             Another wing snake was practiced to-day showing considerable improvements on
previous efforts.
  4/10/52             Exercise Ardent begins.   The squadron flew with the wing, which represented a large
bomber force, flying to U.K. at 32,000 ft.   The target was Norwich, after which we
landed at Wahn and spent the night there.
  5/10/52             To-day's target was Odiham, and we landed at Merryfield for refuelling, later
returning to Jever.   The wing was intercepted by Sabres, Venoms and Meteors.
  6/10/52 to
            A quiet week-in which the squadron flew chiefly on cine trips, practicing parallel
and opposite quarters in preparation for our forthcoming Armament Practice Camp.
  11/10/52             Exercise 'Ardent' again.   The wing formation simulated an attack on Sculthorpe.
airfield together with the Fassberg wing.   Re-fuelling was done at Driffield.
  12/10/52             To-day's target was Lakenheath, and we re-fuelled at Finningley.  
            The six best R/P shots from the squadron took part this week in intensive training
to select a team to represent the Jever wing at a demonstration for the Army in U.K. next
week-end.   Fg.Off. Creswick and Sgt Jones were in the final team which left for England
on the 17th October.   Fg.Off. Williamson left for a P.A.I. course at Leconfield, just
as Fg.Off. Dawkins returned from passing his P.A.I. course.
  17/10/52           Six aircraft completed a dusk formation sortie before the low cloud and poor
visibility prevented further efforts.
            Plt.Off. Concannon flew Battle Flight with 93 Squadron, and managed four sorties.
Meanwhile all pilots are practising quarter attacks.   The results show that as much
practice as possible is needed if we are to put up a good show at Sylt.
  23/10/52             The squadron maintained a Battle Flight which , however, did not fly because of
inclement weather.   The P.A.I. gave a lecture on the G.G.S.
  24/10/52             Plt.Off's Dawes and Francis did Battle Flight with 93 Squadron.   Three sorties were
flown but no interceptions were available.
  27/10/52             Very low cloud and poor visibility prevented much flying although Plt.Off. Le Breton
managed to get one sortie in whilst on Battle Flight with 4 Squadron.
  29/10/52             A fine day, and a full cine programme was carried out giving much needed practice
to the A.F.S. pilots on quarter attacks.
  30/10/52             Again two pilots did Battle Flight with 4 Squadron.   Flt.Lt. Robinson was successful
in his third attempt to get to Volkel as a member of a team of lecturers on day-fighter
tactics for the benefit of Dutch pilots.
  31/10/52             No flying was done, so all pilots were very busy preparing the Officers' Mess for
the Autumn Ball this evening.

              Chief interest this month was in Exercise Ardent which occupied two week-ends.
The experience gave the pilots a chance to witness the fighter defences of the U.K.
in action.   We were chiefly impressed by the performance of the Venom and Sabre at
altitudes of above 30,000 ft.

         Pilot Officers Concannon, Le Breton and Beaumont received conformation of promotion
to Flying Officers.

      Discipline and Morale
          The squadron worked with commendable enthusiasm throughout the two week-ends
involving Exercise Ardent.   The return of our Discip. Sergeant, Sgt. Davies, has
strengthened discipline throughout the squadron.

          L.A.C. Macrae has been a regular member of the successful Station Cross-Country
team, and Plt.Off. Dawes has been entered for the 2nd T.A.F. Squash Championships.   The
squadron soccer 'A' team gained its first victory at the expense of 4 Squadron, and we
now run two soccer teams in the Station Inter-Section league.   Wednesday afternoons are
now set aside each week for sport and nearly all personnel take part in an organised

Pilots                                                                                  S.N.C.O's    8
Sqn.Ldr.    I.D.  Bolton              Fg.Off. J.W. Beaumont     Corporals   11
Flt.Lt.         R.B. Robinson        Plt.Off.   L.R. Francis        Airmen       66
Flt.Lt.         D.A. Blair               Plt.Off.  C.G.D. Jonklass
FG.OFF.    K.A. Williamson     Plt.Off.   A.D.R. Dawes
Fg. Off.      E.D. Creswick       Plt.Off.   R.A.   Hancock                          signedIDBolton
Fg.Off.       B.J.  Concannon   Sgt.        R.  Grice                              (I.D. BOLTON.) Sqn.Ldr.
Fg.Off.       S.D. Le Breton      Sgt.         B.L.  Jones                        Squadron Leader Commanding,
                                                                                                         N0.   112   Squadron.                     

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