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F540 Operations Record Book April 1953 NO 112 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2588 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                          COMPILING OFFICER..Plt Off. J.E.A. JENKINS... REFS TO APPENDICES
1.4.53   The weather was not as kind as one would have wished, but this did not deter Fg.Off.
from flying to U.K. to carry out the all important task of getting Filton
ready and into shape for our arrival next Tuesday.
" 2.4.53   Today was entirely devoted to Air Tests and last minute servicing, and we face the
Easter sojourn with the knowledge that we have 100% serviceability.
" 6.4.53   The Valettas arrived at four in the afternoon and a couple of hours hard work by all
personnel soon disposed of the task of loading.
JEVER AND FILTON 7.4.53   After the three transport aircraft had left, the Squadron took off in three sections
of four.   Unfortunately Fg.Off. Dawes had to be left behind as the impeller of his
aircraft was damaged.
FILTON U.K. 8.4.53   Over twenty hours flying today with excellent serviceability though fuel presented a
problem during the afternoon - we had used up the stations supply.
" 9.4.53   Unfortunately the "Barostat Signal" has restricted all formation take-offs and low
flying, but with the immense Filton runway a large "gaggle" can get off roughly
together anyway.
" 10.4.53   The newer pilots had their first taste of bomber affiliation today and enjoyed the
novelty of attacking the Lincolns.   Many sorties were flown, 14 bomber. 30 formation
and 9 aerobatics, also practice Q.G.H. - The Filton "let down" is scarcely conventional.
Sgt. Jones flew to Honiley for the weekend.
" 13. 14.
  Flying has largely taken the form of P.I.'s over the last few days and the majority
of them were well controlled.   Nearly all members of the Squadron have taken advantage
of the English "entertainment" to be had in Bristol and both morale and serviceability
are very good.   Flt.Lt. Dawkins has been posted, as a flight commander, to No.5 Squadron
at Wunstorf.
" 16.4.53   Many sorties flown again today.   The Bristol Aircraft Company staged a small display
for high ranking Canadian Officers today and much amusement was afforded by a
helicopter "race".   The highlight of the performance was the unexpected appearance
of the Gloster Javelin.   Its low speed flying and steep turns were a revelation.
Sqn.Ldr. Waterton's obliging run over the Squadron dispersal is well recorded in the
Squadron Album.
" 17.4.53   "Operation Barrage" occupied most of the morning; we were a bomber force, routed
Filton-Jersey-Guernsey-Base.   The Squadron was stood down at midday and many members
took advantage of B.O.A.C.'s offer of a free Stratocruiser lift to Heathrow.
" 19.4.53   The "48" ended at midday and the afternoon was spent on packing the Valettas.  
20.4.53   All aircraft got away except Fg.Off. Creswick who had a Barostat failure when
taxying out to take off.
Back at Jever Plt.Off. Lydiate flew a Barostat down to Oldenburg for 14 Squadron to
take to U.K. to-morrow.   Plt.Off. Knowles left the Squadron in the U.K. to be
" 21.4.53   Flying was limited today because the drop-tanks had to be removed, but twelve cine
sorties were flown.   Ten (cannon) range sorties were flown today - Plt.Off. Lydiate
firing air to ground for the first time.
" 23.4.53   Plt.Off. Lydiate and Jenkins did their first jet night flying solos and the other
pilots did short cross countries.   Sgt. Lackran joined the Squadron from Sylt.   He has 940 hrs.
  30.4.53   The Squadron has been on Battle Flight all this week but today, with good serviceability
low-level and cine sorties were flown.   Sgt. Lackran has flown six Vampire sorties this
week to add to his nine hours on Vampires.
      General. Quite good flying total was achieved this month and most pilots have in the
                region of thirty hours.   The Squadron target was 220 hours and the total
                reached 361.
Discipline.  Discipline was quite good during the month, though the standard of turn-
                out for the C.O.'s Parade could have been improved upon.   Morale was very high,
                especially in the U.K.
      Sport.     Very little organised sport has taken place this month, but the introduction
               of soft-ball as a diversion during the slack periods of Battle Flight has been
               received with interest.

                 Sqn. Ldr.   I.  Bolton, D.F.C.             Fg. Off.  C.G.D.  Jonklass,        9 S.N.C.O.'s
                 Flt.    Lt.     R. Robinson,                  Fg. Off.  B.J.       Concannon,   8 Corporals
                 Flt.    Lt.     J   McConnell,                 Fg. Off. S.D.       Le Breton,      68 O.R's
                Flt.    Lt. W.G. Holmes,                      Fg. Off. J.K.        Beaumont,
                Fg.  Off. E.D.  Creswick,                   Plt. Off. J.B.A.     Jenkins,
                Fg. Off.  K.A.   Williamson,               Plt. Off. B.           Lydiate,
                Fg. Off.  L.R.   Francis,                     Sgt.Pilot.  B.        Lackran,
                Fg. Off.  A.D.   Dawes,                     Sgt.Pilot.  W.       Jones,

                                                                            ( R.B. ROBINSON))
     ;                                                                      Flight Lieutenant,
                                                                           Officer Commanding,
                                                                           N0.   112   Squadron

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