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The aim of the Jever Steam Laundry is to promote the irreverent camaraderie that epitomised No 122 Wing's vigorous approach to both professional excellence in the air combat interceptor role and to riotously enjoyable living at RAF Jever during the golden age of jet fighter operations.
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Next Annual General Meeting 2016

Saturday 21st May 2016 1800-2300 hrs
This year we are experimenting with a merger with the 124 Wing Gutersloh Reunion. They hold their's every two years and later in the year. We have been considering holding ours later to avoid clashes with Rugby and skiing holidays etc and to enjoy better weather and lighter evenings.

  The Millennium Suite gives us plenty of room and so I have booked it again for 2016.   It is next to the Running Horse pub in the basement - it will have its own bar and pre-ordered food will be served in the room.   (Click to see what the choices were for 2015.)

Royal Air Force Club, 128 Piccadilly, London, W1J 7PY

Please let me know if you wish to stay and you are not a member.   Book early to ensure a room.
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